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Sky High Sports JSC is a Vietnamese company, located in Hanoi capital.

We have been involving in teaching paragliding and powered paragliding courses, providing tandem flights, providing paragliding guided tours, buy and sell paragliding and powered paragliding equipment for nearly 10 years.

Our team combines both best competition pilots, best tandem pilots, and brightest instructors of Vietnam. All members of the team are licensed with IPPI P5, instructor licenses, and commercial tandem licenses.

​Since 2019, we decided to open our new company and created the new brand The Sky Bros.



In a flying day, the Windy Dummy usually the first one to take off, to test the condition. He might have a good flight and the other can follow him, he could also take some bad lines and people can avoid his mistake. His flight could be the best flight of the day, but could also be the worst one.

He should be an experience pilot, but sometimes he could be mistaken as a novice pilot. But he will always be the first one that dare to take off and try.

​At Sky High Sports, we don't dare to try new things, take new routes, and if we are succeed, people can follow us.

We are among the first to fly XC tours and XC competitions, inspire and lead pilots to flying tours and competition. Then we are the first one to bring XC comps to Vietnam.

We also the first to bring paragliding and PPG products to Vietnam and do customer care, maintenance, insurance, in the professional ways. Our business are run with passion, honesty and openness, to bring best services for our customers.


Currently, Sky High Sports JSC represent these following brands in Vietnam:

- Vittorazi Motors (

- Triple Seven (

- Nova (

- Woody Valley (

- Flymaster (

- Icaro Paragliders (

- Icaro2000 (

- Finsterwalder Charly (

- Sky Country (

- Syride (

- ITV (

- JDC Electronics (

- Flow Paragliders (


- Alfapilot (

- Neo (

- X-Dream Fly (​

- AirVuisa (

- High Adventure AG (

- Skyhero (

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