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With a conventional paraglider karabiner it is hardly possible to unhook under load. However, in certain situations this can not only be useful, but can even save lives, for example when landing in flowing waters or in strong winds. In order to reduce the sink rate and protect the paraglider in tree landings, it is recommended - if possible - that the paraglider be disconnected after an emergency parachute opening, not only with steerable rescue systems.


- V-shaped harness chamber, suitable for a wide range of paraglider harnesses

- Separate belt chambers prevent transverse loads

- Drop-forged from Titanal

- Replacement interval: 8 years without flight hour limitation, 5 years for tandem paraglider use

- The PARALOCK weighs only 69 g at 2,800 DaN* breaking load

- Weight: 69 g / pcs.

* 1 DAN (Dekanewton) = 10 Newton ≈ 1 kg



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