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All year round fingered glove with integrated weatherproof cover.

The Charly PROTECT is a highly comfortable, windproof and breathable all year round fingered glove that is ideally suited for paragliding, cross-country skiing and for biking and horseback riding in the winter. The clou is a completely waterproof 3-fingered cover that is invisibly tucked away in the back of the hand and that can be pulled out and put over the fingers when needed.

Overview of the Charly PROTECT's most important features

- The windproof, breathable and pliant soft shell outer layer and high-quality goat nappa leather on the palm ensure a pleasant climate and sensitive grip; comfortable neoprene gauntlets keep the cold outside and your wrists warm.

- Extra leather reinforcements on the palm, at the sides and between the little finger and the ring finger reduce abrasion at the critical wear points; elasticated inserts and preformed fingers improve the wearing comfort and provide a secure grip.

- Anatomically placed pads reduce pressure on tendons and nerves in the wrist and thus protect against carpal tunnel syndrome.

- A completely waterproof finger cover that is tucked away in the back of the hand offers additional protection against sudden weather changes.

- Conductive fabric at both index fingers and thumbs enables precise operation of devices with capacitive touchscreens (e.g., MP3 players, smartphones, tablet computers, etc.).

Size (Hand circumference in cm around the knuckles, without thumb): S (18-20,6), M (20,6-21,8), L (21,8-23), XL (23-24,4), XXL (24,4-27)

Charly Protect


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