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The new N80 engine was born from a completely new project, without compromises, using only the best materials, and the excellence of our territory, in collaboration with the best Italian aeronautical companies, among which we have entered into a cooperation with "Air-Italy srl" .
A small unit, with great performance. Powerful; The new Malossi NHR Replica cylinder kit, customized exclusively for Cors-Airmotors, guarantees all the power you need for your long flights. Reliable; with double ring piston, monoblock clutch, exhaust system with integrated silencer in 304 stainless steel, double cooling fan with carbon cooling shroud and engine casing in G-Al Si 9 cast, make it a tireless flight companion.Light; 10.5 kg weight. Goal reached . A careful design study and the highest quality materials have allowed us to integrate most of the components into the crankcase with a considerable weight reduction. Silent; an exhaust system with integrated silencer combined with our Cors-Air-Box makes it extremely quiet and comfortable....

And now..., just think about flying!

Cors Air N80


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