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Mobile solar charging set with pocket-sized energy storage.

The Goal Zero SWITCH 8 SOLAR SET is a mobile solar charging set inclusive pocket-sized energy storage. It is also suitable for the direct charging of smartphones, tablets, GPS, etc. The Goal Zero SWITCH 8 SOLAR SET consists of the Nomad 3,5 solar panel and the Switch 8 power pack. Using solar energy, the solar panel charges smartphones, tablets, GPS or other portable devices in only few hours. Alternatively, it charges the portable power pack and the thus stored energy is immediately available whenever needed.

Overview of the Goal Zero Nomad 3,5 solar panel's most important features

- The monocrystalline solar panel is highly efficient, sturdy, lightweight and foldable.

- It possesses a USB outlet for the charging of the power pack or the direct charging of several other different devices.

- Stow connected devices well protected inside the integrated mesh pocket during the charging process.

- The solar panel features several sewn-in loops for the attachment to, e.g., a backpack.

Overview of the Goal Zero SWITCH 8 SOLAR SET's most important features

- The power pack can be charged either via the solar panel or via its USB input.

- The USB input can also be used to interconnect multiple power packs; this way, even more energy is available!

- Via a USB outlet, the charged power pack can release its energy to countless different devices; a fully charged power pack is sufficient, e.g., for: 3 MP3 player recharges, 1 smartphone recharge, 50% longer battery life for E-readers, 25% longer battery life for tablets.

- The power pack features a built-in LED battery charge level indicator.

- Charging times power pack: 4 hrs. (via USB) | 6-12 hrs. (via solar panel)

Weight: 114 g (power pack) | 220 g (solar panel)

Dimensions: 2,5 x 2,5 x 12,7 cm (power pack) | 16,5 x 2,5 x 1,0 cm (solar panel)

Scope of delivery: Nomad 3,5 (3,5W) solar panel, Goal Zero SWITCH 8 SOLAR SET, USB extension cable



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