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The superb full carbon shell of this new helmet combines lightness with exceptional strength. The finished product is simply outstanding.

Made 100% in Italy.


For the sizes L (60 cm) XL (61 cm) and XXL (62 cm), we are making a NeroHero helmet with a larger shell and thicker polystyrene. It will be ready at the beginning of the year 2021.

We have created a brand-new system to further enhance helmet comfort. Every size is attained by means of 8 small, soft, breathable padding pieces that can all be replaced by 8 thicker or thinner versions. The chin padding pieces are also interchangeable, and have different thicknesses.

We deliver the helmet with 3 sets of 8 internal padding pieces and 3 sets of chin padding pieces of different thicknesses, so that you can be sure to attain a perfect fit simply by changing all or some of the padding pieces.


Full carbon: 790 g
Fiberglass: 830 g
The weight of a carbon or fibre glass helmet has a tolerance of +/- 50 grams, due to slight variations in the amount of adhesive applied to the layers of the shell.

Icaro2000 Nero Hero


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