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The Nerv helmet was designed by Ignazio Bernardi, with technical consultancy from the most important helmet developer in Italy.

The creation of a new helmet is a lengthy process. It begins with a prototype made in wood and plaster, sculpted like a fine artwork with all the classic Italian artisanal talent.

Once this has been perfected, it is scanned to create a 3D file, which can be used for computer simulations, colour tests and detailed design.

After further refinements, this file is then used to programme the CNC machines that cut the dies for the outer shell and the polystyrene lining. This is just the start: the process continues with manufacturing, assembly, quality control, testing and packaging.

The result is alluringly attractive and technically impeccable. In short, 100% Italian style.


Helmet grams 530

Visor grams 93

Icaro2000 Nerv


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