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Safe carabiners are important, for NEO they are a priority. We’ve teamed up with the famous mountaineering brand AustriAlpin to design these asymmetric carabiners, which fit perfectly to all types of harness geometries and riser webbing sizes.

The asymmetric shape maintains the correct pull axis to retain maximum strength with all types of risers (normal or thin ultralight risers): thin risers can pull square carabiners to the wrong axis which can reduce their strength by half.

The NEO/AustriAlpin Rocket has been specially designed for all lightweight paragliding harnesses and risers. NEO and AustriAlpin’s partnership detected that material differences in paragliding applications required a specific carabiner ; NEO made it.

Locking system: autolock, automatic

Breaking strength: 26Kn

Weight: 64g

Replacement: every 5 years

Neo Rocket Carabiners


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