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This instrument has been developed for the protection of people and property who or which may be subject to strong winds.

It is composed of 2 elements:

  • A wind force display unit with 4 programmable alarm thresholds (2 min and 2 max).

  • A multi-directional wind turbine (wind sensor) which measures the wind horizontally and vertically (turbulence behind the obstacle). The turbine transmits its signal magnetically to a transducer (wind sensor) located at the end of the connecting cable connected to the display. This transmission system simplifies installation.

Skywatch® WWS is particularly recommended for:

  • Building sites: scaffolding, cranes, etc.

  • Public buildings: schools, sports fields, etc.

  • Sports and leisure: campsites, mobile homes, marinas, aerodromes, lifts, sports competitions, etc.

Skywatch WWS


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