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Bix harness designed for the pilot of a tandem paraglider.

- It has a wide seat which widens towards the front, so that the pilot automatically adopts the most comfortable seating position after launch, keeping the passenger between the legs.

- This improves control in case of turbulence, and provides greater seat comfort;

- The reserve parachute container is large and positioned under the seat. It is designed so that the chute can be deployed from right or left;

- It is supplied complete with split bridle, so that it can be attached to the main sail hook-in karabiners;



- Dorsal airbag protection;

- Rear pocket for rucksack and lateral pockets in elastic webbing, accessible to the pilot during flight;

- Attachment points for instrumentation, for use by the pilot during flight;

- The airbag protection is covered with reinforced fabric, which helps reduce abrasion damage to the harness;

- Two large side handles help even the least experienced passenger to reach the correct seating position;

- Extensive adjustment possibilities make it possible to optimise the harness‘ fit whatever the passenger‘s physical configuration;

Woody Valley biX & passenger


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