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Take Flight Safely, Explore Lightly!

Are you an adventurous pilot seeking a safe and lightweight wing that can enhance your hiking and flying experiences? Look no further than the M-Light, the latest lightweight wing from Triple Seven. The M-Light boasts a canopy made with Porcher Skytex 27 double coating on the outer part, providing exceptional durability and protection against the elements. Its internal construction features Skytex 27 hard finish, reinforcing the wing’s structure and enhancing its longevity.
One of the standout features of the M-Light is its carefully designed lightweight riser. Designed for a stress free takeoff preparations, even in the most challenging terrains. With the M-Light, you can effortlessly launch your wing and embark on your next thrilling adventure.
Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or just beginning your flying journey, the M-Light is the wing that will take your adventures to new heights. Join the ranks of passionate pilots who have chosen the M-Light as their go-to wing for exhilarating hike and fly experiences.

Triple Seven M-light

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