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Dare to perform!


It is your right to demand all and more from your wing. Be it lightweight but durable, be it safe but performant. Look no further!

The Q-light 3 fulfils any demand of a high-achieving pilot. Pack it for your bivouac adventures, bring it up to your local hill and crunch XC kilometres; it will answer your needs in the air and on the ground.


Designed with entirely new kevlar lightweight risers, which are easy to sort out on the ground and provide an effective BC system in the air.


Skytex 27 Double Coated provides the best material option on the market for a lightweight wing, and in Q-light 3, this material is in the internal construction of the wing as well.


Making no compromises while planning the Q-light 3, we hope you will take none flying it.

Triple Seven Q-light 3


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